2013 intangible business report

Long-term investments consist of noncurrent available-for-sale financial assets, financial assets carried at cost and investments accounted for using equity method. Other assets consist of deferred income tax assets, refundable deposits, and other noncurrent assets.

2013 intangible business report

This final report of their project on New Sources of Growth: See also an OECD video describing the research. I have a special interest in this report as the project kicked off at our New Building Blocks conference in A one-page summary of the paper is also available and more materials are available at the conference archives.

The report also references a number of Athena papers on the use of intangibles in financing.

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We will be posting more on the report later, but here is a summary. The report looks specifically at public policy in the areas of innovation, taxation, entrepreneurship, competition, corporate reporting and intellectual property.

Their findings and recommendations are as follows: For instance, in the automotive sector, software is increasingly prominent in the cost of developing new vehicles, with high-end vehicles relying on millions of lines of computer code.

In addition, more data are needed to estimate the amounts of income being shifted to low and no-tax countries through MNE tax planning involving KBC.

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But IPR rules have not always kept pace with technological change — many copyright systems, for instance, were designed for a world of paper and print and may inhibit new digital services. This may hinder corporate finance and impair corporate governance.

Human capital is the foundation of KBC: A KBC-based economy rewards skills and those who perform nonroutine manual and cognitive tasks, but may also reward investors who ultimately own much of the KBC over workers.

Appropriately crafted framework conditions are important for the creation and retention of high-value jobs in global value chains GVCs. Bankruptcy laws that do not overly penalise failure are also important. Other forms of KBC, such as design, data and organisational capital, should also be policy targets.

In the near-term, countries are encouraged to develop additional measures via satellite accounts so as to maintain the international comparability of GDP.

2013 intangible business report

OECD governments must do more to implement coherent policies in the fields of privacy protection, open data access, information and communications technology ICT infrastructure and ICT skills. Steps should also be taken to address the erosion of patent quality whether patents reflect genuinely novel innovations, for example.

There is a need for greater mutual recognition and comparability across IPR systems internationally. There is a lot more detail in the full report. As I mentioned above, we will be posting more on the report in the coming days.

But for those who care about economic growth and that should be everyonea full reading of the report is recommended. Author intangibleeconomy Posted on.ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 1 Management’s Discussion and Analysis For the year ended December 31, Dated: March 31, useful lives of amortizable tangible and intangible assets; weighted average cost of capital; appropriately reflect changes in the Company’s business and new information as it becomes available.

2013 intangible business report

If. Annual Reports > > Financial Highlights > Financial Status and Operating Results. please refer to “ Letter to Shareholders” of this Annual Report..

Major Capital Expenditures and Impact on Financial and Business. Unit: NT$ thousands. Plan. Actual or Planned Source of Capital. (Rev. ) State of Michigan Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property. Manual for Reporting Unclaimed Property.

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Revised April Intangible assets All intangible assets have been purchased and, apart from goodwill, there are no intangible assets with an indefinite useful life. At 31 December , intangible assets totaled €1, thousand, reflecting the following changes during the year.

Acquisition of Ashcourt Rowan’s pension business in April Recent developments impairment of intangible assets other than computer software. £m. Revenue £m. £m +% • • • • • Annual Report Mattioli Woods plc Annual Report Annual Report • Mattioli Woods plc Annual Report and intangible assets.

This allows a transparent assessment of both the actual results and the underlying performance of the business. A full income statement for.

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