A comparison of the building in the past and today

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A comparison of the building in the past and today

Compares two side by side systems with performance logging on both. Or, How to get articles from Home Power A recent Home Power article comparing flat plate collectors for evacuated tube collectors.

A comparison of the building in the past and today

One thing that I don't think was adequately pointed out in the article is the very wide variation in SRCC tested perfomance among different models of evacuated tube collectors. This is a short paper from the Heliodyne website on flat plates vs evac tubes.

Heliodyne makes only flat plates, so one would expect some bias -- but they make some interesting points. I'd be happy to point to similar articles from evac tube makes -- if you see any, please let me know.

The Tools I Tested

This section provides information on a number of solar water heating kits or packages that provide all the components collectors, tanks, pumps, controllers, While this kit of parts approach does not save nearly as much money as building the whole system from scratch, it does have the advantages of 1 less work, 2 compatible parts, 3 rebates, 4 good manuals, 5 and maybe support.

This may work out particularly well if you are already building an air collector for winter space heating, and want to make use of its heat output in the summer, or if you just like the trouble free operation of air collectors.

This link is not working, and I am unable to locate a copy of this interesting paper -- if you have a copy or know of source, please let me know -- Gary In this paper, Steve Baer goes over three ways to heat domestic water with a solar air heating collector and measures the actual performance of each.

One of the methods uses a external copper coil wound around the hot water tank that thermosyphons water from the bottom of tank to top of tank when hot air from the solar collector is blown over it -- it was the best performer.

Reflectors to Improve Collector Performance A section on reflector design, reflector performance, a reflector test rig, and examples of reflector use Reflectors offer a uniquely effective way to increase heat collected without increasing heat losses. This section on reflectors provides: Reflector design tables, A simple earth-sun simulator you can use to test reflector designs, and many examples of effective use of reflectors.

See also the batch water heater section of this page for some more examples of reflectors used to improve collector performance. This is an earth-sun simulator you can build to test reflector designs or to understand sun and shade patterns on anything you can build a model of. It allows you to see the sun and shadows for any location on the earth and any season and for any time of day.

By rotating the turntable you can quickly play the sun over your model for a full day and see the sun and shade patterns. You can take readings on the model with a light meter and get a quantitative idea how much for example a reflector is increasing radiation.

Tracked Solar Water Heaters Details here Here is a unique solar water heating collector array that tracks the sun.

A comparison of the building in the past and today

Its a nice, simple tracking and actuation system that uses readily available components. A parabolic trough solar collector you can build.The primary business model for closed-source software involves the use of constraints on what can be done with the software and the restriction of access to the original source code.

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25 photos that compare past snapshots of locations, buildings, structures, and people with the present day scene.

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Building Expectation: Past and Present Visions of the Architectural Future offers a glimpse into this undiscovered country, presenting a collection of historic and ongoing visions of the future from the nineteenth century until the present day.

The setting is Shanghai's financial district of Pudong, dominated by the Oriental Pearl Tower at left, and the new story Shanghai Tower, China's tallest building and the world's second tallest.

Architecture, History: Evolution of Building Design