Btec dance coursework

Our Aim at Malbank is To give every student the opportunity to succeed in public examinations To "add value" to students achievements across the full age and ability range To promote the sort of consistent academic excellence which attracts recognition at the highest levels. This is a school in which bright youngsters are stretched and challenged intellectually and in which every student is given the opportunity to achieve examination success. We are delighted to see our high fliers producing strings of higher grade passes at both GCSE and A-Level year upon year and virtually every candidate including young people with special educational needs gaining at least five GCSE passes - a fantastic achievement!

Btec dance coursework

BTEC Certificate / Subsidiary Diploma in Dance

There are practical and written components - students will usually take the terminal exam at the end of Year 11 after having completed intermediate assessments and minor coursework s thorughout the course. Drama is not an easy subject to take. In fact it can be very challenging, even if you have a good amount of confidence and an ability in acting.

Drama involves team work, group motivation, personal challenge, imagination, good writing skills, evaluating techniques and extra effort. It is difficult to achieve the highest grades in this subject as little marks can be lost.

The final section is the 'acting paper' and this is where you assessed on your ability to devise, create an interesting and enjoyable piece, and act.

The rest of the GCSE tests skills such as how you respond to a stimulus and your ability to evaluate.

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You have to try in drama, it is not as easy as people may think - it involves hard work and determination. Drama A-Level looks at the value of theatre of stage presence during your studies; looking at more on the text being followed itself, as opposed to just the way in which it is acted out.

For this reason, there is often one whole paper comprised of just written questions about the play or narrative in question. Although this provides a sound baackground for studying texts written for performance which is certainly an advantage for further study of Englishit can mean that those students choosing the course due to an enjoyment of practical performance will be slightly disappointed.

Performance Studies A Level In Performance Studies, the three performing arts forms of drama, music and dance are studied in conjunction in order to develop an individual as a well-rounded performer.

Btec dance coursework

Performing Arts A Level Usually a combination of practical and theory work. You focus on drama, dance, and music usually you get the option of focusing on your strongest areaand are graded on both your performance work and written work.

It's much like GCSE level but more complex and the work is harder.

Btec dance coursework

Drama and Theatre studies.May 22,  · I'm doing my course work for my dance. Please help me Cause I don't really understand. 1. What is dynamic range? Why Status: Resolved. Home. Welcome to the Carshalton High School for Girls website. Thank you for your interest in our school.

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Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November as ‘Good’ in all categories.. We are an inclusive learning community that puts excellence, achievement, respect and care at the heart of everything we do.

Nevertheless, as it is mostly coursework based, BTEC Extended Diploma in Construction and The Built Environment Level 3 (that teaches the basics of construction such as civil engineering and architecture), and Building Engineering Services are examples of BTEC Extended Diploma courses available in this subject.

Dance, . An initial scheme to start work on Unit 1 Individual Showcase - BTEC Performing Arts (Dance)/5(2). BTEC Certificate / BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Dance. Level 3. Qualification Certificate / Subsidiary Diploma All assessment will be based on coursework.

Your practical coursework will be a combination of performance work, assessed techniques classes, choreography tasks and collaborative team-work.

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Your written coursework will be a. BTECs for Performing Arts in Uk, find the right BTEC training with Hotcourses to step up your career. This course gives you an excellent introduction to dance and drama, allowing you to develop skills and confidence across all areas of performing arts.

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