Business assignment

We offer a summary of the steps you can take to analyze the case material for each of the eight points we just noted. Some of the events have to do with its founding, its initial products, how it makes new-product market decisions, and how it developed and chose functional competencies to pursue. Its entry into new businesses and shifts in its main lines of business are also important milestones to consider.

Business assignment

Generally this is not enough time to write a convincing essay. Remember that the way the essay is written is just as important as the content. Academics place a high value on the way you structure your writing and express your ideas. This will give you enough time for at least one major revision and re-write to concentrate on structure and expression.

We now discuss each step in turn. Evaluate the role of creativity in decision making. What techniques can be used to improve the level of this decision making?

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At first glance the key words may appear to be "creativity", "decision" and "techniques". Some definition here is certainly important. For example, what is creativity? What is a decision and what types of decision are there? Beyond this we also need to be aware of key phrases such as "evaluate the role of creativity" and "improve the level of creativity in decision making".

There are some key terms that occur regularly in essay questions which direct you in the kind of answer expected of you: Discuss both the similarities and the differences between two sets of material.

Sometimes expressed as Compare and Contrast. Similar to the above, except that you are now required to concentrate on the differences between the two sets.

Business assignment

Give the precise meaning of a word or a phrase. Show how the term is used in a given area of activity. Look at all aspects of an issue; debate an issue, giving reasons and evidence for and against an argument being proposed. Use a figure or diagram to explain or clarify something; make an idea or argument clearer by using concrete examples.

Give the main feature or general principles of a topic. Concentrate on the essential elements to bring out the structure.

What is assignment? definition and meaning -

Paraphrase the Question The real point of defining your terms is to ensure that you know what they mean. After looking carefully at the definitions involved in the topic, you need to put it together in your mind in a way that will ensure that you understand what the question is asking you to do.

One of the best techniques for ensuring that you have control of the topic is to write a simplified paraphrase of it to write it out in such a way that an eight-year-old child would understand what the question means, and would know what would have to be done to answer it adequately.

Business assignment

Creativity can play an important role in some forms of decision making. When a decision requires an innovative solution then a creative decision maker can be extremely useful. A range of techniques is available to enhance creativity when innovative solutions are required.

The question asks "How useful is creativity in decision making" and "what techniques are available to improve creative decision making". Paraphrasing may seem a clumsy and time consuming operation at first.

But it is one of those techniques which, if practised regularly, has a great deal to offer the student. Once you can do it quickly and efficiently, you will be able to confidently and precisely answer a question, even under exam conditions.

The most "deadly sin" of essay writing is not answering the question. There is nothing more disheartening than having your well written essay failed because you did not answer the question. Competent paraphrasing and essay planning will help you avoid this potential tragedy.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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