Diabetes informative speech

The literature are scrutinized, their content are summarized and evaluated to come up with a sound theoretical framework in the conduct of this research. Segal studied the relationship of obesity to the risk and health complication of diabetes as well It affects about 17 million people, 5.

Diabetes informative speech

Higher protein has been shown clinically to improve many of these conditions but not all and it is not a wide enough connecting link. Lowering of fasting insulin explains some but not Diabetes informative speech connections.

In the s research on lectins, lectinology, began increasing worldwide. For a more scientific overview see the end of this report. Take a moment and visit the link below before continuing, to see Dr. Freed's concept of the lectin problem. In Plain English Lectins are found in ALL foods, certain foods more than others, and the same food may contain varying amounts of lectins depending on processing, when and where the plant was grown, and species.

The most common potentially 'toxic' lectin containing food groups are grains, especially wheat and wheat germ but also quinoa, rice, buckwheat, oats, rye, barley, millet and corn.

Dairy may be potentially more harmful in pasteurized, processed milk because of the reduction of SIgA, an immunoglobulin that binds dangerous lectinsBiol Neonate ;59 3: Only breast milk is good for babies.

Diabetes informative speech

Each of these groups has a history of being implicated as allergenic. Also note that we are including all foods made from these substances, these substances in all forms, milled grains, flours, oils, malt vinegarspeanut butter, cereal, or legume oils soy, canola, cornadditives, thickeners and products containing malt Diabetes informative speech, as well as beers and ales.

There has been some information that lectins may be inactivated by soaking, sprouting, cooking or fermenting. Soaking legumes over night, draining the water, rinsing and draining again does seem to remove or inactivate many of the lectins. Heating seems to remove others in some foods but not all.

There is little data to prove that any of these methods remove lectins completely as few foods have been tested and of those that have lectins many seem to remain after processing.

Lectins from green salads, fruits, spices, seeds, dry cereals and nuts even after roasting showed activity of potentially toxic lectins.

Diabetes informative speech

Both refined and unrefined soy oil contained soy lectins. High degree of resistance to gut proteolysis. Binding to brush border cells; damage to microvillus membrane; shedding of cells; reduction in the absorptive capacity of the small intestine.

Increased endocytosis; induction of hyperplastic growth of the small intestine; increased turnover of epithelial cells. Interference with the immune system; hypersensitivity reactions.

Interference with the microbial ecology of the gut; selective overgrowth. Direct and indirect effects hormones, etc.

The popular Candida Diet is essentially a high protein, low carbohydrate diet which limits starches and sugars and thereby limits lectins. If lectins are a problem for this person the so-called 'candida' patient lectin ingestion may be associated with overgrowth of various gut pathogens that may include yeasts and removal of lectins would restore the gut ecology and the gut immune system.

If this is true, the diet does not get rid of yeast but relieves the person from symptoms and pathogenic consequences caused by ingestion of lectins to which he or she is intolerant. Lectins are hardy proteins that do not break down easily.

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They are resistant to stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Lectins may bind to the gut wall and damage the gut lining, are not altered by digestive enzymes, and may alter gut permeability and pass through the gut into general circulation. Lectin damage to the gut wall may allow other non-lectin proteins to cross undigested into general circulation and cause allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

Having gained access to general circulation various lectins may bind to surface cell membranes in arteries and vessels, organs and glands, including the thyroid, pancreas, kidney and adrenals, in susceptible animals and humans.

This binding may begin antigen antibody reactions leading to autoimmune disorders and so-called degenerative diseases. Different lectins have been implicated in different diseases.

Dairy lectins have been implicated in juvenile onset type I diabetes. Wheat lectins have been implicated in juvenile nephropathy. Type or types of lectin and one's susceptibility genetic susceptibility cannot be determined by blood type.

D'Adamo tested lectins with blood cells. Lectin intolerance reactions occur in the gut, general circulation artery walls and the likebrain, gland or organ as well as red blood cells. Sensitivity of one type of cell does not necessarily determine whether another type cell will or will not react.

SIgA, and other immune factors may, if sufficient in quantity, help protect against some exposure to toxic lectins.Diabetes is a serious disease because it controls your body's insulin producing cells. People with diabetes have more risks than other people and people of any age can get diabetes.

Diabetes controls million peoples lives worldwide. In my essay I showed you what diabetes Informative attheheels.com Author. TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in + languages.

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Based on breakthrough studies, Cohen's program reveals how people with diabetes can reduce their need for prescription medication and minimize the disease's effect on the body. This form of diabetes is most often associated with older age, obesity, family history of diabetes, previous history of gestational diabetes, physical .

An informative speech about obesity - Trouble producing and understanding speech, tiredness, hands stiffness, bloating, obesity and water retention. Have Hashimoto`s, epilepsy, prolactinoma, PCOS.

Start at Some Basics.

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