Influential softball coach essay

With nearly 10, votes, the results are in! The 15 Voted Most Influential People in Softball you chose were coaches, players, and some of the top instructors. Mike Stith, Head Coach, OC Batbusters Mike Stith is one of the most renowned travel ball coaches in the country developing some of the best softball players in the college game. In the past two years, two new franchises have been added to the league continuing the careers of many of the top softball players from college.

Influential softball coach essay

About Us The following lists some sample questions and ways to describe how your experiences influence your response within a specific word count. This essay question allows you to select a person who has a significant influence on your life, but in answering this question, you can either discuss a specific person or explain how a character in fiction, historical figure or creative work as in art, music, etc… has influenced you.

This question probes how ideas have made you who you are. Your essay allows you to share the values you identify with and your personal ideals by describing your role models or mentors. Who you choose to write about does not need to be a much-noted, influential person. This is your chance to make a small hero into a big superstar-- because in your eyes, this is something special to you that others should notice.

Whether you choose your parents or a power broker in the news, your writing needs to describe why these ideas are important in influencing who you are and how you approach life.

With this essay question, the college is gauging the depth of your interest in the school. They seek students who truly want to go to their school. Your answer can be analytical and emotional, or a balanced combination of the two.

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Influential softball coach essay

Your writing style should be both humble and enthusiastic in explaining the specific reasons why the college curriculum, environment, and philosophy are relevant to your areas of interest.

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Archives - After a month of research and reaching out to over college and club coaches, media members, event producers and organization administrators, we revisit the question and again ask those in softball who they think are the most influential in the sport, from little girls just starting to play to the highest levels of pro NPF competition.
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Your answer should not repeat information that is already in your application. This is an opportunity for you to share an experience by making it come to life-- what it took to get you there emotionally and physically and how it affects who you are today.

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Your response should not be written as a research paper with an overview and facts; rather, your personal viewpoint is what shows why you are involved with the outcome.

Influential softball coach essay

This is your chance to share how your personal experiences have made you engaged with the issue. How does this issue help to describe who you are?Overview of the Sport Softball Essay; Influential Softball Coach Essay Words | 3 Pages.

Influential Softball Coach I met a life changing individual in middle school. We referred to him as “Mr. D”. He was my seventh and eighth grade English teacher. I sat in his class and dozed off during his grammar lectures. Categories. All Categories; Tri-C; Eastern Campus; Metropolitan Campus; Western Campus; Westshore Campus; Creative Arts; Health Careers; Hospitality; Information.

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Here are the top 10 influential people in softball: 10 Influential People In Softball He is well-known as a coach in the field of softball due to the fact that they won a Gold Medal in the Olympics in It’s their passion in the game, along with their wits that. In addition, participating colleges might require supplemental essay questions.

Visit for the complete listing of participating colleges. This is actually a two-part question: 1) what makes you proud and 2) how this experience helped you grow.

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