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Many people believe that the US president is just a figurehead, with actual foreign policy firmly in the hands of the deep state. They were silent when President Obama made the horrible decision to overthrow Assad in Syria and sent weapons to jihadists to do so. Well, is there any proof that occupation by US troops actually brings stability? No sooner did President Trump announce our departure than his neocon advisors began walking his words back.

Mivoice business reporter ron

He reviews communications products that are currently leading the industry forward.


Today it is one of the best-selling, feature-rich communications solutions available worldwide. Spearheaded by lead designers Sean Harding and Robin Hayman, a product that did just that was launched in and it proved a huge success.

InLucent separated out its communications division, which became Avaya Inc. Avaya rebranded the Network Alchemy system, calling it the IP office. It is aimed at the SME and mid-market. Product Review In the past, communications systems were a fixed design, meaning that you could end up paying for features and capacity that you do not require.

The beauty of the Avaya IP Office solution is that there is a recognition that every company is different. The IP system can be designed to cater for only the number of handsets, lines and features you actually require, which is a far more efficient solution than previous offerings.

It is also extremely scalable. Enjoying the benefits of advanced features once required you to purchase expensive additional software packages, meaning that many smaller companies were priced out of many of the useful functions of their own new system.

From the engineering side, having worked with many other not-so-friendly systems in the past, IP Office is a dream to install and configure. This means that a great deal of time is saved during installation, which from my perspective means that more time can be spent on training users and ensuring that they are fully confident and happy with their new system.

The system is also easy to support, meaning that any issues you do experience can be resolved quickly and with minimal disruption.

In earlier versions a simple name change would have required a reboot, however only major changes such as network settings now require a reboot before they take effect. Avaya have recently taken massive steps forward with their Unified Communications solutions, developing apps for Apple and Android products and taking a fresh approach to PC client applications by moving to a browser-based solution, the One-X Portal.

This removes the requirement to have software installed on every PC, and means there is less cross-over between IT and Telephony support. However, Avaya have worked on their Server Edition solution a lot and it is a now an extremely viable option if a business is wanting to remove the need for a separate server for telephony software.

Compared to other big-name video conferencing solutions Scopia is great value for money and again very easy to install and use. I feel that Avaya may need to work harder on making people aware of this product, potential customers could miss out on the opportunity to get the same package of features for a much lower cost.

In terms of the negatives, having worked with the product since the Alchemy days I am aware of its history of quirks and a few stability issues here and there. However, since the release of the current IP V2 chassis the product you see today is extremely stable.

As with a lot of hardware manufacturers, you do get the impression sometimes that Avaya like to let the customer do the testing of their latest software and hardware, so we only like to recommend the most recently released, tried and tested products or recommend upgrades that have been through vigorous in-house user testing.

This does however show that Avaya are continually improving their product and that they are still heavily investing in the IP Office solution.

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One gripe is that I would like to see more money spent on the actual hardware itself, as presumably due to recent financial strains felt by all the once solid metal systems of yesterday have been replaced with mostly plastic materials.

This affects the performance of the product in no way, but it would make a difference to the overall feel of the product.Dec 05,  · EagleBank CEO and Chairman Ron Paul is focused on stabilizing the Bethesda bank's customers and investors after a report by an anonymous firm produced days of bad news for the company.

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mivoice business reporter ron

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mivoice business reporter ron

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6 days ago · Following a torrent of criticism from avid cruisers, Carnival Cruise Line this week said it would indefinitely delay a plan to begin charging customers for most items ordered via room service.

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