Module 7 discussion

Various ways to iterate over sequences The sequence functions illustrated in 4. We can randomize the contents of a list s before iterating over them, using random.

Module 7 discussion

All other wiktionary projects do not have this problem. For example, I specify English and the text "tools on a toolserver". If the output can be sorted by frequency, this would provide a means to identify which words e.

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Note that the entry should exist for that language; this is not the same as a page existing. Is this the right place to ask for such a tool? Maybe such a tool already exists? Maybe what I want is instead the Dicompte tool for French Wiktionary?

It lists words that occur in books in Wikisource but are missing from Wiktionary, unfortunately only for French.

To find out whether a word has an entry for Module 7 discussion certain language, I assume categories such as the category: English lemmas must be used? Is there any easy way for a tool to determine whether an entry is a form entry or a real one?

Probably not ideal, but I hate Web programming. Italian pronunciation is very regular, and can be inferred directly from the spelling - we have the details in the pronunciation section of Wiktionary: That would help determine the stress. For example, the pronunciation for the word cane would require you to type: Sorry for the wall of text, but I thought I would throw a few suggestions out there.

It handles a few features of the phonemic transcription so far.

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It would be great if you or other people who are familiar with Italian added more testcases. It only generates a phonemic transcription right now. Thanks for the efforts. Italian has long vowels, mostly predictable, if not, phonetic respellings could use macrons.

When I clicked it to see which edit was being "thanked", I was taken here [1]which gives an error message: This is usually caused by following an outdated diff link to a page that has been deleted. Details can be found in the deletion log.

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Is this a bug? I just thanked you for creating gift economy, where yours is the only revision; can you see that diff? Seems like a regression, although unimportant. Ignoring the comment above, as the only edit you have made to the page was when you created it, it was for that.

BTW, is it possible to "unthank" you for terrorstricken? It might be trolling, or acknowledging humour. I asked about it once but nobody knew what I was talking about.

What is causing the problem? Perhaps in this specific case the Pazend alt form should just be consigned to the lemma page anyway, but the issue still seemed worth reporting.

While this is often helpful especially because of various graphical differences between languagesit is often overused or rather superfluously suggesting something that is completely unrelated.

To people studying Middle Eastern languages depending on experience and exposure will readily recognize the relations between these words and the suggestions are pleasant and helpful. Is there a way to keep helpful suggestions and select out the misleading suggestions?

Module 7 discussion

Or would such a task have to be done to each entry, one by one? Would it be more feasible to only allow related groupings of letters for the letters that differ between entries?

Also regard if you are of the same opinion when you consider rasm. Fay Freak talk The Orion crew module (CM) is the reusable transportation capsule that provides a habitat for the crew, provides storage for consumables and research instruments, and serves as the docking port for crew transfers.

The crew module is the only part of the MPCV that returns to Earth after each mission and is a ° frustum shape, similar to that of the Apollo command module.

The Orion MPCV takes basic design elements from the Apollo Command Module that took astronauts to the moon, but its technology and capability are more advanced.

It is designed to support long-duration deep space missions, with up to 21 days active crew time plus 6 months quiescent. During the quiescent period crew life support would be provided by another module .

How can I load a Python module given its full path? Note that the file can be anywhere in the filesystem, as it is a configuration option.

pymssql¶. A simple database interface for Python that builds on top of FreeTDS to provide a Python DB-API interface to Microsoft SQL Server..

The 2.x branch of pymssql is built on the latest release of FreeTDS which removes many of the limitations found with older FreeTDS versions and the 1.x branch. Jul 28,  · Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame.

Dec 20,  · I have several programs that seems to be in some conflict with They crash the moment I start them and is the fault module.

I've tried installing windows twice but .

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