Pencil project

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Pencil project

January 17, The title of this article is not the sexiest one, I must admit. It does sound like a complementary colonoscopy examination, while it is in fact the name of a powerful, open-source software that lets you design user interface mockups and diagrams quickly and easily.

Pencil Project | Wireframe tools

Do you fancy making a product of your own? Do you intend to have it some kind of an interface? Don't know Pencil project to start? All right, there's Pencil. Pencil is extremely simple to use. It's friendly and unobtrusive. It will run on all platforms and even as a Firefox addon.

On Linux, the package is entirely self-contained, so you only need to extract the archive and start using it, anywhere, anyhow. Pencil is powerful and feature rich: Let me show you around. Pencil - Full program We will examine the full program first.

Indeed, the full version has more options than the browser extension, including more GUI categories and elements, native themes, object snapping, sketchy stencil, and more. And many other features we mentioned in the introduction above.

The program looks like a typical HTML editor or a presentation software, and it's not that different, if you think about it. There's quite a lot to choose from, including basic geometric shapes, annotations, Web elements, and GUI widgets in a number of styles. The usage is very easy and intuitive, although complex mockups will require a bit of imagination on your behalf.

Pencil project

Pencil is based on Firefox, which explains the modular structure and the simple yet powerful interface. Under the right-click, you will find tons of options, including the ability to change the theme, rearrange items vertically, change the window border buttons and shadowing, use system colors, lock items, add them to your collection, and more.

Sketchy design Sketchy design allows you to create hand-drawn kind of early-prototype designs, which you can use to impress your peers during brainstorming sessions.

Nothing finite, just basic layout of what you think the product should look like.

Pencil project

Stencil Generator Another cool thing is the Stencil Generator. I have no idea what this is, but it sounds good. Apparently, and I might be completely mistaken here, this allows you to take existing images, run some kind of Sobel edge detect and create negatives, which you can then later user as sort of blue prints from your project, rather than designing entire new objects from scratch.

Oh, by the way, pencil stencil rhymes nicely. Clipart I'm not sure what was supposed to happen here, but I was expecting a plethora of little thumbnails.PENCIL is the leader in creating innovative and impactful models of ongoing collaboration between business and public schools.

"“The Pencil Project is a heartwarming story of kids who changed the world and the amazing chain of events that followed. Any memories I might have from fourth-grade would probably involve the playground, but Mr.

Kent’s students have memories worth cherishing. The MB of This app Pencil Project are less than the average size of other apps in its section which is MB.

Pencil Project

It also occupies the number in Uptodown’s overall ranking system. This page has 4 pictures of the application, it’s available in italiano and was updated days ago; it . Download Pencil Project. Prototyping software for creating GUI mockups that closely resemble a variety of popular platforms.

Virus Free. Pencil Projects is a construction and project management business based in Paarl. We specialise in managing the construction process from inception of the building plan up to final completion of the project..

We enable professionals to focus on their business income without undue interference from the construction process, while simultaneously providing total peace of mind. Pencil is a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool that is quick, easy and works across multiple platforms.

This is a good software ONLY for beginners.

Pencil Project: A Powerful & Easy-To-Use GUI Prototyping Tool