Retreat into the iworld

The writer started the essay by stating that the night life in New York is very much dull and boring, nothing exciting about the night. However, the day life is full of yells, hustle and chatter that transformed New York into the one of the most happening cities of the world. Discussion The main body of the essay is all about the usage of electronic gadgets. When the writer arrived in New York, he was quite astonished to witness that little wires hanging from the ears of every individual walking through the road or travelling through the sub way.

Retreat into the iworld

Andrew Sullivan talks about how the apple products have taken control of his life. He compares church to and an apple store and makes the clerics seem like the priests waiting in their confessionals.

He uses colorful examples to state how technology has taken over our lives pretty much in general which is true. He admits how he himself was addicted to the iPod and the apple products, but yet the dislike he had for the way that technology has had on society itself.

He uses colourful examples to state how technology has taken over our lives. It is written in the first person narrative and he talks about his experience while he is walking through the streets of New York.

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He could not believe about the changes happened to the city because he had already heard that New York is full of night-life. But here he could not find it. The day life was also much quieter with mixtures of yells, chatter, hustle and rudeness. He noticed something special in the town.

Retreat into the iworld

There were white wires hanging down from their ears or tucked into pockets, purses or jackets. Each one was in his own shut asylum forgetting about the world around them. It is an I-pad world that he saw there. All are in their own cocoons. No sound is heard by them except their music. The author is also one among them.

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He is also having the white wires peeping out of his ears. He says that he started with a walkman, then a MP3 player and at last an I-pad won over him. Once it was a musical diversion for him. It has become a society without any social elements. Earlier we had homes, retreats or places where we want to relax, where one could outlet emotions, unwind or shut out the world.

But we did not walk around like hermit crabs. Earlier music was limited to the living room and it was a shared experience that brought people together. But now music has become a personal secret.

We miss many things in life — the funny conversations, the chatting sound of a child which may take us to our childhood, the songs, the laughter of others, etc. External stimulation can crowd out the interior mind.

Even boredom has its uses. We are forced to find out our own methods to overcome this boredom. In the last part he says that when he went for a trip, he left out his I-pod behind.

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Now I have my iTunes in my iMac for my iPod in my iWorld. It’s Narcissus heaven: we’ve finally put the “i” into Me. Americans are beginning to narrow their lives.

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