Roni katzir dissertation

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Roni katzir dissertation

This is an old observation, which was brought back to prominence within a modern setting by Horn So, for example, we find or and and, as well as the n-construction neither.

It should be noted that there does not seem to be a cognitive restriction that prevents us from dealing with the missing corner. The absent entries can readily be constructed and used analytically.

Moreover, they are routinely arrived at via conversational reasoning Grice, and much subsequent work.

Roni katzir dissertation

For example, some but not all, which entails not all, is often the preferred reading for some. It is precisely the ability of conversational reasoning to derive the missing corner, Horn suggests, that makes that corner redundant.

By strengthening some to implicate not all using all as a stronger scalar alternative we can achieve almost the same effects as by lexicalizing not all.

1965 to present

An economy condition on inventories now applies, penalizing systems that have a lexical not all in addition to the strengthenable some. But why these particular three corners? The former system has fewer occurrences of negation, and consequently it is the winner. For example, in certain cases, the economy setting would lead us to expect a much more compact inventory than the one we actually find.

That is, we should expect to find nand and none of the other corners. Strangely, this is the complement of what we do find. But the duality of these quantifiers is important.

We only need one primitive quantifier. Once we do that, however, we observe two new instances of negation in our inventory. The unattested all,none,not all has four negations: The unattested one, on the other hand, will now have only two negations.

Before spelling out the details of our proposal, let us see how we could talk about a few familiar operators using min and max. Take and, for example. As a binary sentential connective, and takes two sentences and returns 1 if and only if both of its arguments have the truth value 1.

Extending beyond two sentential arguments is not much more 1 The other two options may or may not be possible. Much depends on what gets negated and what gets strengthened.

Constraints on the lexicalization of logical operators | Roni Katzir and Raj Singh -

Our presentation assumes, with Hornthat only stronger alternatives are negated. This has been standard in the literature, but see Groenendijk and Stokhofvan Rooij and SchulzSpectorand Fox a for arguments that this assumption might have to be revised.

A lexical entry for and would be the following where Dt is the domain of propositions: A standard treatment of non-sentential coordination reduces these cases to the sentential case, either in syntax by means of so-called Conjunction Reduction or in semantics.

Here is an entry based on the latter option, in analogy with the quantificational approach cf. Partee and Rooth, We only need to substitute max for min in all of its occurrences above. Generalizing to every and some is likewise straightforward.

The thing to observe is that the entry for and involved two somewhat artificial constraints. First, the cardinality of A was limited exactly n. Second, A was ordered an n-tuple.

Roni Katzir, Tel Aviv University, General Linguistics Department, Faculty Member. Studies General linguistics, Philosophy Of Language, and Pragmatics. Dulbecco's Modification of Eagles Medium-DMEM; Dulbecco’s Modification of Eagles Medium/Ham’s F12; F Nutrient Mixture; Minimum Essential Medium-MEM. Roni Katzir () Structural Competition in Grammar Franz Katzir Cozier () The Role of Perception in Phonotactic Constraints: Evidence from Trinidad English (S.M.) Ezra Keshet () Good Intensions: Paving two Roads to a Theory of the de re / de dicto Distinction.

For what we are trying to do, though, all we need is for A to be composed of elements, and for the application of the predicate f to those elements to yield something of type t.Roni Katzir, Winfried Lechner, and Shigeru Miyagawa for the insightful discussions about the ideas that went into the making of this dissertation.

I have benefited from all of them. Bachrach, Asaf and Roni Katzir Spelling out QR. In: Estela Puig-Wald-mu¨ller (ed.), Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung. 11, pp. 63– Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Balogh, Kata Theme With Variations: A Context-based Analysis of Focus.

Free Choice Disjunction And Implicatures

PhD dissertation, University of Amsterdam. Balusu, Rahul Distributive . Constraints on the lexicalization of logical operators Indeed, with the exception of quantity and number words (which we turn to in Sect.

Roni katzir dissertation

), it is doubtful whether any quantificational determiner other than every, some, and occasionally no can lexicalize. Dulbecco's Modification of Eagles Medium-DMEM; Dulbecco’s Modification of Eagles Medium/Ham’s F12; F Nutrient Mixture; Minimum Essential Medium-MEM. Katzir, Roni, On the roles of markedness and contradiction in the use of alternatives.

In Pragmatics, semantics and the case of scalar implicatures, ed. Salvatore Pistoia Reda, 40– This section provides readings on implicatures, free choice disjunction and implicatures, modularity and embedded implicatures, alternatives, and presuppositions.

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