Sourcework academic writing from sources 2012

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Sourcework academic writing from sources 2012

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Globalization has made it easier for nations to obtain the goods or services that they need from other countries.

With the assurance that they can easily import life essentials such as food and clothing, many countries have reduced or completely stopped the manufacturing of these products.

They instead focus their energy on offering financial services or medical services to other nations. One such country is India Boudreaux Most third world countries rely on developed countries for the provision of machinery and computers.

This arrangement is beneficial to all the parties involved. However, it is not stable as it appears to the naked eye. If something should happen to cause further destabilization, then all the parties involved will suffer Weinstein If, for instance, a developing country that relies on a developed country for machinery lacks the capital required for importation, many businesses in that county will suffer.

All countries are financially dependent on their trade partners. However, should the U. The only nations that will be safe in such a situation are those that are fully dependent on globalization for their survival Weinstein Many of these nations are the third world countries, especially in Africa, that are believed to have nothing to offer to the world economy.

Increased Rate of Unemployment Since the economic recession, the rate of unemployment in the U. Contrary to this, developing countries are experiencing a much lower rate of unemployment Boudreaux The wage policies and environmental protection laws in developing countries are much lower compared to those in the developed countries.

Because of this, many corporations are investing in developing countries, hence creating more jobs. More job opportunities are lost to the developing countries due to frequent capital transfers from the developed nations Boudreaux To solve unemployment in the developed countries, more protectionism laws need to be put in place by the developing countries Weinstein These laws will protect the workers from developing countries from exploitation by the multinational corporations that are out to make more profits by hiring cheap labor.

Developing countries are importing more products from the developed countries. The result of this is the closing down of many local industries, hence increased rate of unemployment Boudreaux One way of reducing unemployment in the developing nations is to regulate imports and encourage local production of good, thus creating more job opportunities.

Exploitation of Developing Countries At the onset of globalization, there was the glamour of people having the chance to world oversees and conduct their business with much ease. While this has become a reality for many people, the negative impacts of the same are just beginning.

Globalization has made it easier for the transferability of industries and jobs to the developing countries Weinstein All this is an attempt to lower production costs, have a lower wage bill and increase profitability in the corporation.

sourcework academic writing from sources 2012

A similar situation is developing in Australia. China, India and Asian countries produce goods at lower costs due to availability of raw materials. They also offer cheaper labor compared to the developed countries. The companies make more profits. The profits go back to the developed countries for more development.

The third world countries are left struggling economically, despite the fact that they are in charge of manufacturing Weinstein The transfer of jobs to the developing countries may be viewed as a way of creating more jobs. With the current living standards, this is barely enough to put food on the table.

This can be solved by the developing countries putting into place better wage policies for their citizens. Before accepting to manufacture goods for a developed country, developing nations should sign contracts that call for financial benefits.

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The profits should also be reinvested in the developing country that production is taking place. Corporations should also be advised to pursue a more realistic approach to making profits Casper One such approach is one used by Henry Ford, where he paid his workers enough money that they could afford to purchase the same products that they were manufacturing.

The lack of government regulation is another factor that contributes to the exploitation of third world countries.Hong Kong Community College. Subject Description Form. Subject Code. CCN academic writing.

(c) write small-scale, fully fledged research essays to present arguments. Incorporating data and information from different sources tosupport a thesis; .

1 IN-TEXT CITATIONS When you include a paraphrase or quotation in your writing, you will need to acknowledge the source. In other words, you will need to cite the source.

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