The scarlet ibis essay on pride

These two powerful emotions that one possesses can either enrich life or destroy life. Love too is blind and accepting and can keep you from seeing a person for who they are or their true intentions. Both lead down a path of destruction if either is not balanced within a person. Both are blind and destroyed without prejudice never allowing you choice when either is over abundant in a person.

The scarlet ibis essay on pride

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At what point does pride become destructive? She realizes that the only people who can afford to pay the outrageous prices on toy boats and clowns are successful people, and she resolves to be a part of that success. The actions of these characters are driven by pride, which proves to be either beneficial or destructive.

When she and her friends are bought to an upscale toystore, they are forced to come to the realization that as uneducated blacks, they are at a disadvantage. Then Sugar run a finger over the whole boat.

Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst

Maybe not her, but I sure want to punch somebody in the mouth. When Sugar suggests going down to HascombsSylvia turns her down and decides to hold her money, showing us that she has indeed learned the lesson.

When Montresor is insulted by Fortunato, his honor and pride lead him to take his revenge in murder.

The scarlet ibis essay on pride

Apparently, none, because after Montresor has sent away the servants, no one is left at home. Also, when Montresor and Fortunato have traveled deep into the vaults, Fortunato, now sufficiently intoxicated, throws an empty wine flagon into the air- a gesture of the influential Freemasons.

Because he is disappointed at having a brother who cannot do any of the things boys like to do with their brothers, he resolves to make Doodle conform. In the end, the narrator feels frustrated and angry at Doodle for his slow progress, so he runs ahead and leaves him behind, saying: Soon I could hear his voice no more.

The scarlet ibis essay on pride

His pride has helped Doodle to walk, but the pride of both brothers has killed Doodle. Where pride is beneficial, the protagonist is positively motivated by their pride.

Such is the case with Sylvia, whose pride grows into a desire to become successful. Her determination and strong-mindedness gives us the reassurance that she will, indeed, rise from the unfortunate circumstances into which she was born. Likewise, pride that destroys drives people to act out of character.

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I think pride is indeed a wonderful and terrible thing; it is a seed that bears two vines, life and death. The pride of doodle’s brother lead him to t Scarlet Ibis - Term Papers - Battle Wish Essays has been a choice of many for Custom Essays for over 10 years. Our writers and support staff are available 24/7.

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“The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst is a powerful story about the consequences of pride and the effect regret has on a life. When the narrator says that “pride is a seed that bears to vines, life and death,” he means that pride can be source of great accomplishment and a source of regret, which reinforces the overarching theme of the.

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Pride is a double-edged sword. It can make the weakest man the strongest and the strongest the weakest. The Scarlet Ibis is a short story about a boy named Doodle and his brother.

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