Truancy family and truant children

An unexcused absence from school States enact school attendance laws which determine: Truancy is a major problem nationwide, yet states do little to prevent it and little to re-engage truant youth. Is Truancy a Crime?

Truancy family and truant children

A dropout student, and A community resident The purpose of this committee is to understand why students drop out and make recommendations to the school board for how to address the problem. The committee should explore the reasons why students drop out, including; Keeping in contact with recent dropouts to offer or refer them to alternative education, counseling and human services programs; Educating teachers and administrators about the dropout problem in the school district; Reviewing the school's disciplinary policies and practices; and Reviewing any discriminatory practices and attitudes within the school unit.

A.S.K. Truancy Prevention - Griffith Centers for Children

If you do not go to the meeting, the team can still make this plan for your child. If your child is still truant after this plan is made, the superintendent must serve you with a written notice.

The notice must be given to you in person or sent by registered mail. The notice must say that: Your child is required to attend school; You have a right to review your child's attendance records; The school's attendance coordinator's reports if any and the principal's reports; Your failure to get your child to school may be a civil violation and what the possible penalties are; Local law enforcement or Maine DHHS can be contacted; and A plan was developed - including the specifics of that plan and the steps that were implemented to improve your child's attendance.

Truancy family and truant children

If your child is still truant after the intervention plan is made and the notice is mailed to you, the superintendent shall follow school procedures to have a second meeting.

At this second meeting, a new intervention plan can be made. The school can ask the local district attorney to come to this meeting. After you get this notice, your child must go to school within 3 days.

If your child is still absent or if you do not go to the second meeting, the school can contact local law enforcement to refer your case to court. The superintendent will also tell the school board that your child is truant. What happens in court?

Definition of a Chronic Truant

You may be summoned to appear in District Court if: Your child is "under your control" i. This is because you are responsible for making sure your child attends school. You will not be charged with a crime, but you can be found to have committed a civil violation.

If that happens, you can be: A student who is truant is prohibited from working. The only exception is if the superintendent gives a release that approves of your child's employment.1 TRUANCY AND SCHOOL ATTENDANCE IN PENNSYLVANIA WHO MUST ATTEND SCHOOL IN PENNSYLVANIA?

In Pennsylvania, all children must attend school beginning at age 8 or when the child first enrolls in kindergarten or first grade until the student turns seventeen (17) or graduates from high. By law, parents are responsible for their children being in school every day during the school year.

Compulsory school attendance laws provide all students of certain ages with the benefits of regular schooling, with certain expectations. “No child falls through the cracks.


They are dropped through or shoved through by lazy, emotionally immature adults and unethical professionals”. Since the parents of Diane Tran, 17, divorced out of the blue and left Texas, the honour student has worked two jobs as well as studying to support the family.

Truancy Prevention Counselors will meet with individuals and their parents to address challenges such as academic failure, attendance, behavior problems, peer problems and family issues.


Truancy Prevention Counselors will help children develop career/vocational plans and set academic goals. Dealing with truancy is not fun for the parent, teacher or school administrator, but it is a necessary part of modern education.

Unchecked truancy often results in legal problems for the child, but it can also affect parents as well.

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