Uk social work theories

Email to a Friend Description This wide-ranging collection of essays offers valuable insights into the cultural issues involved in the practical application of social work theories.

Uk social work theories

Modules Our Social Work programme is inter-professional, collaborative and participatory. We aim to produce reflective social work practitioners who are ready to practice in the rapidly changing and developing world of social work. The course covers communication skills, human growth and development, sociology, ethics, welfare, policy and law, advocacy and partnership, professional practice.

Some compulsory skills sessions may take place in the evening. Year 1 Communication skills for social work This module explores the professional values, knowledge and basic skills needed to be able to communicate clearly and accurately with others.

The theory and practice of verbal, non-verbal and written methods of communication will be considered in a range of practice situations with people of different ages, comprehension and culture.

The module introduces you to the issues associated with alternative forms of communication enabling you to engage with a variety of service users including children, young people, adults and older people as well as communicating with service users with impairment issues and those from diverse backgrounds including working with interpreters.

Readiness for direct practice This module develops practice skills and awareness of the social work role and responsibilities. It will ensure you are ready for the initial period of direct practice and provide you with a foundation for skills development throughout the programme.

Service users, carers and practitioners will be involved in the development, delivery and assessments Uk social work theories the module. Human growth and development This module explores a range of human growth and development theories across the lifespan.

You will be assessed on your knowledge of psychological and sociological theories across the life course from infancy to later life. This will include key concepts, e. Sociology for social work This module seeks to introduce themes and perspectives which constitute sociological thinking.

You will be offered the opportunity of linking these themes to aspects of social work practice. This module examines the purpose of social work in society its role and function it also considers the nature of social problems that social workers may encounter.

Value and ethics in social work Focusing on the most complex and contested areas of social work practice, the module introduces and addresses conflicting values by providing you with distinct ethical frameworks to consider these in the context of modern social work practice.

Social problems and social policy This module is an introduction to key issues facing society.

Social Work Theories in Action

It builds on the sociology module from semester one and explores how social problems are defined within society and how societies respond to those problems. Social work theories This first year module introduces key theoretical approaches used in social work to inform practice.

A blended learning approach will allow you to develop skills in IT and information literacy. Year 2 Social work methods The module explores the different models used by social workers to intervene and problem solve.

This module integrates the core social work values and the professional codes of ethics. The module offers the opportunity for you to reflect on the social work role and tasks and skills required in practice. Welfare, policy and the law in social work practice This module introduces welfare, policy and legal contexts and interfaces within which social workers work; giving an understanding of welfare benefits, and the statutory duties and powers social workers have in England.

Uk social work theories

You will critique social policy and its impact upon service users and social work practice, comparing with Europe, USA and beyond; as well as gaining knowledge of local policy, practice and resources. You will develop a sound understanding of key legislation, guidance, regulation and case law relevant to practice, applying this to specific areas of practice within a value based human rights framework.

Advocacy, partnership and participation This module examines the core values of partnership working within the context of social work practice, focussing on the role of advocacy and self-advocacy, emphasising the importance of service user participation within these processes.

The module explores partnership working in the context of advocacy and service user involvement within a variety of social work practice settings; aiming to help you understand this in relation to your social work practice.

This includes gaining an understanding of the full range of those aspects of the social work role traditionally described as advocacy, gaining practical advocacy and negotiation skills.

Key to this module is service user involvement throughout; which will include you being taught and working alongside service users. Practice learning opportunity 1 70 days practice learning in practice placement.

Year 3 Social work research project This module will develop an understanding and appreciation of research and its relationship to social work.

The module consists of an independent student-managed proposal designed to develop the capacity for autonomous learning and an opportunity to develop research skills. The self-directed learning is complemented by a series of research lectures and seminars designed to familiarise you with some of the principles of research in practice settings.

You will be encouraged to develop a wide range of research proposals and to make use of a range of research methods.Modern Social Work Theory, Fourth Edition [Malcolm Payne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This masterly text is a classic in its field and will be a reliable companion throughout the course of your studies and your career as a social work practitioner. In this substantially reworked and updated fourth edition of his best-selling text. switch to the UK edition A guide to radical social work Radical social work is a broad approach that connects theory and practice.

It is an important analytical tool which helps us work on. Social Work Theories in Action recognizes the importance of drawing on the strengths of families, individuals and communities and offers theoretical perspectives that can be applied in everyday work situations.

It is essential reading for social and community workers, mental health professionals and social work students.

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Theory is as important as practice for social work students Without knowledge of theory and ethics, social workers are just service administrators, argues Professor Brian Littlechild September 6, in Education and training, Students.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Providing a comprehensive exploration of the major developments of social psychological theories that have taken place over the past half century, this innovative two-volume handbook is a state of the art overview of the primary theories and models that have been developed in this vast and fascinating field.

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