Writing about artwork gcse biology

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Writing about artwork gcse biology

This article was written and is updated by the TSR community. You can create your own articles on TSR — or edit the one you're reading. How to write an art essay Examining Creativity The thing that makes an art paper different than any other writing assignment you may encounter may also present you with your greatest writing challenges: Essentially, your task is to use words to explain images.

From the beginning of learning how to write an art essay, you must be able to grapple with the language of the craft — you must be knowledgeable of the terms and precepts if are to learn how to write an art essay.

More significantly, when you are have become skilled at the task of how to write an art essay, you will be able to properly describe the image before you but also to offer a complete description, offering a valid defence for your perspective of the art.

Your paper cannot contain just a random description of the various aspects of the artwork, whether it is a sculpture, building or painting.

You need to know exactly what you will say regarding your particular topic, using your ability to both analyse accurately and to properly describe the artwork which you have selected to describe. Types of Art Writings If you following the writings of Sylvan Barnet, you will see that he has identified five primary types of art papers.

Of course, if the assignment is at your discretion you may chose to utilise these writing types as a means of brainstorming or exploring the some ideas for the topic of your assignment. The Sociological Essay examines a specific era in history and suggests how that particular era may have influenced the topic of your discussion.

It is possible that your discussion will also raise some more generalised questions regarding social influences, including such topics as the impact of economics on the art, the challenges facing woman seeking recognition in the field, and so on.

writing about artwork gcse biology

Image Writing better known as iconography is the type of writing that chooses to define images through the in depth exploration of the various symbols noted in an artwork selection. But through a more critical examination of the symbols in the painting may actually reveal that the characters in the painting may indeed be recognised as saints.

Formal Analysis will ask the student who has decided to learn how to write an art essay to examine the more formal aspects of a piece of art, and from that to develop a dialogue regarding these parts in a unique or creative fashion to help others see and understand the artwork being examined.

Barnet gives the example of how Ansel Adams had influenced the photographic career of Harry Callahan.

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The Iconological Essay study of an image uses a variety of texts and literary examples to completely interpret a selected piece of art.

As an example, the person who has learned how to write an art essay may chose to use ancient renditions of various Greek mythological tales to enlighten readers on the images representations of that myth as depicted in archaic forms of Greek art. Strategies Prior to Writing the Essay Examine the medium — Determine the rationale of the artist for selecting a certain medium, including its advantages and even its limitations.

Use of lines — Did the artist use heavy or light lines? Do the lines run vertically or horizontally? Are the lines curved or straight? Is there a specific goal or outcome achieved by the use of these lines?

Coloration — Does the artist use realistic colours, or are the colours more expressive in nature? Does the colour give the sense of being warm or cool? Perhaps the colours are bright or subdued.

If so, what is the overall effect of those colours? Light — How does the artist employ light? Does the artist use shadows?

Perhaps there is a play or interaction between the two, and what message is communicated to the audience of the work? Space — Is there any sense of space within the work you have selected? Does the visual plane show great depth or is it shallow?

What is the arrangement of the shapes used within the space of the work? How might that use of space influence your own response to the art? Composition — Are there any formal aspects or elements of the work which interact with each other? Does the composition of the work convey the theme or idea of the artwork?

Does it make your eye travel in a consistent manner across the piece of art? Does the composition of the art influence that movement? One must always examine the context of the work. Consider when the work was painted, who is the artist and where was the work completed?

How have culture or history influenced the work? Does it address any specific historical or cultural matters?What is biology essay artwork structure of an essay conclusion text master essay writers canada about teachers essay family values introduction english essay year 11 malthus essay principle population journal articles internet an opinion essay writing ppt english essay about food computers.

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GCSE. GCSE resources with teacher and student feedback. Popular GCSE Subjects; Biology (3,) Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. This can be seen in the artwork 'Judith beheading Holofernes' which features a Judith who is sawing at Holofernes' head quite savagely and is not meant.

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